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Some services require a Pinnula account, such as when you have the ability to respond publicly. By registering on Pinnula, you acknowledge that you have read the following terms of use and that you agree to respect them at all times.

The creation of an account is free. The various services offered are free, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Privacy Policy

Your account login information are personal to you and you are responsible for keeping it confidential and secure. Pinnula cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use, unless the cause of the problem is directly and solely attributable to us. Your account login activity is recorded (login location, IP, operating system and browser) and accessible in your account to help you to identify any suspicious usage and to allow you to revoke affected sessions.

All of your profile information are private by default, except for your chosen display name. All contributions (posts, content, etc.) are the sole property of their author: Pinnula cannot be held responsible for them. For this purpose, all content posted is associated with an IP address and a user account.

No information about you will be sold or transferred to a third party: it is exclusively intended for the services offered by Pinnula.

No tracking system is used to collect personal information or for advertising.

In application of the various local laws on access and protection of your personal information - you have the right to access, oppose and rectify data concerning you. You can exercise this right at any time by going to the management interface of your account.

General Policy

Any use of the services offered that does not comply with the terms of use may result in a temporary suspension or permanent deletion of your account and its related data, without notice or compensation. In case of a dispute between several users or justified complaints from other users, we may also take these measures.

When we take these extreme actions, a moderator or administrator will contact you at your profile email address to explain the reason(s).

Pinnula also reserves the right to correct or delete posts that do not comply with the terms of use. Any modification of a message will be clearly indicated and communicated to its author.


  1. Exchanges must follow some basic rules: politeness, courtesy, not defamatory/racist/abusive/personal attacks/threats. Exchanges must be made in respect of positions and opinions.
  2. Macabre or pornographic content are not tolerated. The site are aimed at people of all ages.
  3. Advertising content are not allowed. Pinnula is not a space to promote personal websites or business in a dedicated topic or post published in a discussion. Any abuse will be punished after a first warning will be sent to the email address entered in your profile.
  4. Discussions should remain within the current legal terms. All incentives or assistance to piracy, screenshots highlighting software like uTorrent, links to illegal content: direct download, peer to peer, torrent, warez or threats should be avoided.
  5. Content must be written in the language of the site. The “texting” or “SMS” language is not allowed. Spelling, grammar and formatting of messages must be considered.
  6. Anyone detecting a breach of these rules should report the content for that we can rectify it quickly. The contact form is available at this address.
  7. If penalty, temporary suspension or permanent deletion of your account and associated data, you have no right to create a new. You must respect the decision that led to the penalty and understand its causes. Any account created in this case will be immediately deleted permanently without notice.
  8. Pinnula reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time. Any change or modification shall apply without delay.
  9. Enthusiasm and good humor required! 😀